Helping Paws Across Borders


We are a small group of animal professionals dedicated to making a difference. We have decided that we can no longer look away from the horrific condition companion animals are living in across our borders and at home. We all are involved here in the United States with animal shelter projects. Together we have the education, compassion and medical backgrounds to achieve our goal of canine and feline sterilization along with medically treating those in need.

Dear friends, HPAB provides FREE spay/neuter, vaccinations, and medical care to some of the neediest areas in the world. We have traveled from the states (including Indian reservations in New Mexico), to Belize, the Bahamas, Puerto Rico and even being one of the first groups in allowed into Chernobyl. It is always an honor and privilege to travel with HPAB and our dedicated volunteers, and meet some of the most amazing, grateful and thankful people and animals I’ve ever come across. We need your help to do this because EVERY ANIMAL DESERVES KINDNESS! Love, Angie Cherry, Founder